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Playmobil Super 4 FulguriX with Agent Gene 9002

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The Super 4 have a new mission and Agent Gene has to get going quickly. Ah great, Franz and the FulguriX are just arriving. Attention before landing first put down the nozzles and than carefully set down. Of course Agent Gene quickly checks the discs for the disc shooter and the filling level of the fuel. Everything is ready, let's go! The play set also includes the flying car FulguriX and a Techopolis drone. The disc shooter can be taken of and equipped with three discs as ammunition.

Includes super 4 hero agent Gene.

Includes Franz, who lives in the technopolis.

Features a technopolis drone with transparent, detachable prop stand.

The 4 engine thrusters of the flying car can be turned 90 to the front and back.

Up to three discs can be inserted as ammunition in the detachable disc shooter at the same time.

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