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Power Rippers 2 Pack

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Power Rippers are the fusion of Vehicles, Battle Tops, & Action Figures in 1! Rev 'em up & Rip it Up! They can Race up to 800 Scale km/hour, Battle, and do Insane Stunts, Jumping up to 3m High! Each Ripper Transforms and is armed with either Teeth, Stingers, Battering Ram or Saw Blades! 16 characters to collect in wave 1! Includes 2 Rippers, 2 Ripcords & 3 Accessories!

Race 'em! blazing speeds up to 500 scale mph!

Battle 'em! 360 spinning battle action!

Stunt 'em! insane loops & jumps up to 10 feet high!

Exciting characters: sharks, insects, robots & military.

*Please note: packaging slightly damaged but product perfect*


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