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Ready to Go - Bedtime Book - Thekidzone
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Ready to Go - Bedtime Book

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You’ve had a long, wonderful day with your child, but bedtime has come and gone…and there’s no end in sight! Sound familiar? If so, turn to Ready to Go! Bedtime. This kit contains everything parents need to encourage their children to get their much-needed rest. It features:

  • Advice and tips from an expert child psychologist
  • An easy-to-follow, 16-page instructional parent guide with helpful ideas and proven methods for teaching young children how to get ready for bed
  • A delightfully illustrated, 16-page board book that will encourage children as they learn all the steps they should take to get ready for bed—including putting on pajamas, brushing their teeth, reading a book, and getting a good-night kiss
  • A fun two-sided reward chart that includes illustrations of engaging characters and spaces for stickers
  • 48 reward stickers to motivate children and positively reinforce each bedtime success

With help from Ready to Go! Bedtime, your child will learn to enjoy the nighttime rituals that signal the day’s end. Plus, parents will discover the key to establishing healthy bedtime routines, common mistakes to avoid, how to overcome “delaying bedtime” tactics, and more. (Ages 2–5)