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Scentos Play Dough 4 Pack Asst

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A set of fragrant masses for sculpting the Orchard Scentos 45600 from the first minutes will conquer the young master of modeling and will give the child an unusual odorous smell, filled with bright colors and aromas of summer fruits and berries. The kit includes 4 jars with a mass for sculpting 130 g each. Each of the flowers corresponds to a specific flavor: red - strawberry, green - ripe apple, blue - blueberry, purple - blackberry. Why shouldn’t the child create his own still life of fragrant fruit, or experiment with plenty by combining colors and aromas? The process of children's creativity with a set of Orchard Scentos 45600 will help not only to develop agility and fine motor skills, but also draw into the world of warm summer fantasy. Mass for modeling Scentos 45600 does not stick to the palms, has good plasticity and is easy to wash off.

Suitable for ages 3 years and older.

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