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Smooshy Mushy Series 4 Cup And Cakes

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Unwrap an amazing experience with Smooshy Mushy pets! each item comes wrapped in a yummy mystery bottle. And inside is a scented smooshy pet, a tiny surprise ͞bestie͟ mini-smooshy (scented too), stickers, a mini bottle, name tag and collector poster with a hilarious ͞find your smooshy name game. Let the smooshing begin!

The Smooshy Mushy Pets & Besties are in search of the best hot cocoa and pastries in Smooshyville! Each Smooshy Mushy set comes with a surprise slow-rising scented squishy Pet & Bestie, mini container, sticker, name tag, 2 ball chains, and collector’s poster with bonus game, all in an adorable Smooshy container.

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