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SKU: 37802062872733

So Slime Glam Shaker Kit

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Discover the Slime DIY Beauty universe with this super girly DIY Slime Kit. This ASMR Slime is 100% non-toxic and is a Do it Yourself.

Pour your slime powder bag into your shaker, add water up to the line, close it, and shake it for 30 seconds. Open your shaker and add some decorations. Your slime is ready!

Discover 6 different shakers: A Pink perfume bottle with a rose scent, a purple bottle that contains a passion fruit-scented powder, and a Blue perfume container with an orchid scent.
The three make-up containers are: a foundation bottle with a vanilla scent, a nail polish shaker that has a grape scent, and a lipstick shaped container that has a cherry-scented powder.

The Slime powder is non-toxic and is made of a natural gelling agent.

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