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Star Wars C-3PO 3D Wall Light

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*The nose of this item has a small scuff"

Everyone’s favourite humanoid robot C-3PO has come crashing into your home to protect you from the darkside. This incredible 3D FX C-3PO Lamp has bright yellow LED lights in his eyes, filling the room with a comforting glow. A realistic, easily installed crack sticker is supplied with the light unit, making the faithful robot appear to crash through your wall and shine light into your room! This Star Wars light has a 30 minute sleep timer so makes a perfect night light, giving young Padawans just long enough to drop off to sleep dreaming of galaxies far, far away.
Importantly, a cordless design and high-quality LED bulbs that will never get hot make the light perfectly safe for inquisitive little fingers, and with bulbs that never need changing, the night light will provide years of enjoyment. The light is battery operated and requires 3 x AA Batteries (Not Included). Therefore you have no messy wires hanging around and have the freedom of placing the light wherever you wish.

Size: 31cm x 21cm x 14cm (approx)


*Please note packaging slightly damaged*

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