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TMNT - Z-Line Ninjas

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Woo-hoo! Winding down their wily wires, the Turtles' plan is to clean up the bad guys above the city streets, washing out any mutant that wanders near the edge of these high-rise windows. All Z-Line Ninja sets connect. Build the city and create a world of zip-line action!

1 Window Wipeout Playset
3 Command Strips from 3M
3 wall clips
1 gargoyle launcher
1 C-Clamp
2 tension cylinders
2 Z-line pulleys
1 two-hand handle
1 one hand handle
1 48" Zip-line
1 72" Zip Line
1 Angle Gauge

Zip-line chain reaction! Start the attack and trigger a bad guy's free fall! Hangs safely on the wall using 3M Command Strips. Figures not included.

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