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Tolo Baby Musical Activity TV

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  • 0+ months
  • Nurturing Baby's awareness of sound and movement, this activity TV combines rattles, squeaks and a moving screen where the Bears play and dance to a delightful melody. Perfect from birth onwards.
  • Place the Musical Activity T.V in your baby's crib or playpen - close to eye-level so that your baby can see the bright colours and moving images.
  • Play with all the gadgets so that your little one can hear the rattle and squeaks and watch the spinning dial and the abacus counters move.
  • Wind up the dial to play your baby the delightful melody as the images move along.
  • Talk to your baby about the moving animals.
  • 6+ months
  • Place the toy within easy grasp.
  • Encourage your infant to reach out and touch the screen, dials, rattles and buttons.
  • Talk with your baby about all of the TV's features - such as the colours, animals and sounds.
  • 12+ months
  • Encourage your infant to move the parts independently and show him or her that by winding up the dial they can make the music play all by themselves.

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