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Traditions Chess Game - Thekidzone SALE
Traditions Chess Game - Thekidzone SALE
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Traditions Chess Game

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Chess board game is great intelligent game, chess board game consider as game of the kings and game of the greatest strategists, playing chess is the same thing like living the live, playing chess will give you big advantage in your life, chess will learn you to think two or three steps ahead and its strong card what will push you through success.

- Start play Chess now, start learn how to be smarter and wiser, do it now, and you will fall in love with this great game
- You can choose your player colour
- You can choose difficulty of the game by setting the time for thinking, and you can see computer thinking and learn his strategy
- So download Chess board game now, have fun, be smarter, raise your life success

- the Chess board is approximately 33cmx33cm, the pieces are approximately 4cm  - Weight: 0.4kg
- Age: 6 years and older