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Wild Science Make your Own.....

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Exploding Skull

Kids can make Booger Bombs, Zit Mixes and Fizzing Eyeballs with this Exploding Skull Workshop kit by Wild Science! Mix safe acids and bases together and then press them into the mould to create disgusting and fun science experiments that will ooze out of this skull mould. This kit includes all tools, chemicals and protective gear your child will require to have some yucky adventures that also teach kids about chemical reactions! This set is recommended for ages 8 and up and comes with detailed instruction booklet so parents can guide their children to having a safe and amazing experience with this Wild Science set!

Rocket Ball

Discover bouncy ball-istics with the Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball kit. Make Cosmic Ray Launchers and Supersonic Bouncers. Learn about the science of elasticity, polymers, energy and motion with this fascinating rocket ball science kit! Just follow the colour illustrated activity guide to see how it’s done.

  • Make colourful super-bouncy balls and an amazing hyperlauncher rocket!
  • Comes with a 12 page colour illustrated activity guide
  • Discover the science behind super bouncy balls!
  • Teaches the science of elasticity, polymers, energy and motion
  • Hyperlauncher Superball factory supports the the KS2 Science curriculum
  • Age: 8 years +
  • Contains: Red water based moulding granules, 4 x moulds

Exploding Volcano

Create cool coloured lava flows and unique bubbling mineral pools, explore and make different kinds of volcano bombs with the Wild Science Exploding Volcano Workshop. Use the pH indicator colours to make bubbling colour change mineral pools then evaporate the pools to show coloured mineral salts. Master the skills of acid and base reactions to create coloured lava flow and much more! The Wild Science Exploding Volcano Workshop is suitable for ages 10 and above.
  • 10 YEARS
  • 10-12 yrs
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