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Wild Science Sleepover Party

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This exciting 3-in-1 set is perfect for sleepovers with up to 6 creative scientists. Kids can personalise perfumes, create fizzy bath bombs and design their own stylish bracelets with moving designs.

Discover the science of scent at your next sleepover! Learn about top, middle and base notes as you blend and match your own unique perfumes. Use the professional ingredients, pressure pumps and filters to purify and bottle your Secret Formula Perfumes. Mix and dilute the 4 base perfumes, and keep your creation ready to wear in one of the 4 perfume vials.

The Wild Science Sleepover Party kit has all the ingredients kids need to have fun creating 6 scented bath bombs. Mix the sodium bicarbonate and the citric acid to explore the science of acid-base reactions—and create luxurious fizzing bath bombs! Experiment with scent and enjoy a fabulous bath designed by you.

There’s science fun in fashion too! Make up toix colourful bracelets with magical moving designs. Add glitter, or fill your wristband with water and beads for a cool wave effect. You can even take the bracelets apart to redesign them again and again.

Ages 8+. 

Packaging slightly damaged. 

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