Intex Return Policy

Our national Intex helpline (0861555224) will take care of all customer complaints. All Intex above ground pools and pool accessories, save for pool filters which are guaranteed for 12 months, are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer/dealer. This warranty does not apply to: cosmetic damage (eg scratches, nicks, stains and dents); damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, or other acts of nature or external causes; damage caused by servicing performed by anyone who is not an Intex authorized service provider; or damage to a product that has been modified or altered without the prior written permission of Intex. Intex will also not be liable for any replacement or wasted water and under no circumstances will Intex’s liability exceed the purchase price of the product.

Intex will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace any product and/or components that fail in normal use within the warranty period. Such repairs or replacement will be made at no charge to the customer for parts and/or labour, provided that the customer will be responsible for the cost of transporting the product to Intex. Repairs have a ninety (90) day warranty. Please refer to the products installation manual to ensure that you have followed all the correct installation and operating procedures, and in particular, to any trouble-shooting guide supplied with the product.

Contact Details
  • Helpline: 0861555224
  • Local Web-site:
  • Retail Spares Website:
  • Email: or

Should you require detailed information on parts that you would like to purchase you can refer and then purchase the item on to see what’s available.