DC Super Hero Girls

August is Women’s Month in our beautiful country and it serves as a reminder to celebrate the super women in our circles. Female role models for our daughters, even the fictional character variety, should be included in “the circle” and what better place to look than Super Hero High School. Here we find Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Katana, and Bumblebee.

Batgirl can be described as a born leader which comes somewhat naturally to her as Commissioner Gordon’s daughter. Batgril is ridiculously clever and that is not even her superpower! In fact, she has no superpowers but relies on smarts and skills to solve crimes or get the job done. Like any young lady she has a BFF… Supergirl.

Fondly called Supes for short, Supergirl is the cousin of Superman. Being family and all, it does mean that her strengths (and weaknesses) are very similar to his. It means that the Greens, Reds, Golds, Black and Pinks glowing rocks of their home planet, Krypton weaken her. Supes also needs to watch out for magic and she cannot see through lead. What makes her endearing, and one could call it her strength, is that Supergirl is super kind and caring even though she is the most formidable teen on this here planet! (When she is not tripping over her own shadow)

Wonder Woman is from an idyllic island called Themyscira, where she is one of many female warriors. “Wondy” is basically a leader and mentor to the super group of girls that attend Super Hero High School. Wonder Woman really does want the world to be a better place. This almost child-like view of the world does however mean that she can be easily persuaded to believe in something that is not true or real.

Bumblebee is the next super hero girl in the circle of friends. Her very special and specific super power is the ability to shrink. It basically makes her a super spy who can overhear and see almost anything, anywhere! She uses this power to spy on evil villains and bad guys. The best part is that they never know! To compliment her super power and her complexion, she wears blue and orange arm bracelets, which she can use to emit a sonic blast.

Harley Quinn is a sprightly and somewhat mischievous teen, but this just makes her even more likeable and fun to be with. She is one of the few students who relies on combat items rather than superpowers and should either of these not prove enough, she relies on her clever pranks and wacky sense of humour to save the day! She is often seen as a tomboy because of her easy-going vibes, athletic abilities and super quick reflexes.

Katana is a samurai warrior who will never be seen without her sword. Growing up as an average Japanese girl, she was encouraged by her parents to pursue martial arts training and it became apparent early on that it was not so much a “skill” as it was in her blood. (No surprise really as she comes from a long line of samurais.) Katana is stylish in an unconventional yet trendy way and when she is not fighting, you’ll find her chatting with her sword…

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