The story of the toys in Toy Story

This story is about the toys that belong to Andy set in a world where toys come alive. Naturally Sherriff Woody takes the lead because he is, after all, Andy’s favourite cowboy pull-string doll and star of the television programme titled Woody’s Roundup.

A favourite as Woody may be, what’s not to love about Buzz Lightyear, a modern-day space ranger action figure who quite literally drops in and joins what was a peaceful little band of Andy’s toys. The problem though, if you can call it a problem, is that Buzz really does believe he is a space ranger and not a toy. After all he has the space suit, fancy space gadgets and a matching laser weapon! He is extremely loyal which gives his favourite catchphrase “to infinity and beyond” a double meaning.

Mr Potato Head is frank and outspoken and demonstrates more than once that he too is a leader. The best “bits” about Potato Head though is definately the fact that he can still move all his bits as well as function even when if they are not attached to his little potato body! There are even spares!

Mr Potato Head’s good friend, Hamm, is a witty piggy bank. He is also more” worldy” than the others in that it seems Hamm has the most knowledge of the world outside of Andy’s room.

Dog is man’s best friend so it’s no surprise then that Slinky dog, a metal slinky dachshund, is loyal to the core, especially to Woody, who is presumably his most favoured friend of all of Andy’s toys. “Golly bob-howdy!” is something that slinky likes to say quite often.

The excitable, green plastic Tyrannosaurus rex with a sensitive soul is known simply as Rex. Poor Rex however suffers from anxiety and poor self-esteem and is concerned that he is not fearsome enough. To further add to his list of woes and worries is his dislike for conflict.

Bo Peep is Woody's loyal friend too but she is also his girlfriend. Bo Peep is a gentle and kind lady whom actually originates as a detachable piece of a bedside lamp from Woody's sister's bedroom. This rather boring piece of her background is however where the "boring" ends and the gentleness and kindness begins. 

Bo Peep is not the only girl on the block. Jessie is a cowgirl doll that co-stars in the television series with Woody but she is Buzz Lightyear's gal.  

Forky and Duke Caboom are the newbies. Forky is a spork (spoon-fork) who does not believe he is a toy and hates to come to life. Duke is an affable daredevil toy with a motorbike with low self-esteem because he has come to believe that he let down his previous owner for being unable to do the stunts that his commercial ads had promised.

Together the toy friends have faced many a foe and undertaken adventure, gained couraged and lost fears, made friends and entertained parents and kids alike since 1995!






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