About Surprise Box

Welcome to the Surprise Box!
Everyone loves a surprise, especially kids!
The items in our "surprise" boxes are carefully selected to make sure that each recipient of a box is delighted and can't stop smiling.

We not only will surprise your little one, but you as well,  with the price you will pay for the box! Should you not have or receive this desired effect, you can call us on (021-534 0289) or mail us on support@thekidzone.co.za , we will replace or refund your purchase. 

Items in the box must be in their original packaging and the exchange/return is made within 7 days after receiving your box. At The Kid Zone we want to put a smile on all customers faces, so we have packaged a surprise for our customers and we guarantee you that your little person will be very pleased.

Stuff to know about the "surprise box": Quantity of toys in the box will vary, depending on the value of the items The boxes are packaged according to gender age We will always communicate the recommended retail price of the combined items and show what savings has been made. Items in the box are "Rescued" toys which means that sometimes the packaging of an item might be slightly damaged but the product will be perfect (we are human so occasionally we might pack something that is not up to standard, we will have it returned immediately) Should you wish to order a large amount of boxes (10 or more), please could you contact us on: support@thekidzone.co.za

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