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Harry Potter Wizard Wands Assortment Wave 1 38 cm

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Straight from the ´Harry Potter´ movie come this case with 3 Interactive character wands. All wands come with 11 spells that you can \"cast\" by performing the correct wrist and arm movements, while the wand alerts you whether you cast the right spell using lights and sound effects.

3 character wands available:

- Harry Potter
- Voldemort
- Dumbledore

5 Modes of Play:

Single wand mode-requires 1 wand

Spell Training- learn eleven spells, improves your skill. Hear feedback when you cast correctly.

Free Play- Cast the spell you've learned and test your skill

Multi wand mode- require 2 or more wand

Spell Practice- Practice with a friend. The first to cast wins

Training spells- work with your friend to hear which spell work best. choose different spell to test each other.

Wizard Tag-Play with 1 or more friends. Who can tag you? Rewind time to start again


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