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Leap Frog Magic Adventure Globe

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Young explorers can travel the world and see everything in it with the Magic Adventures Globe™. Using the stylus, children can tap on the 25cm interactive learning globe and experience new places, languages, cultures, animals, geography, habitats and more through high-quality BBC videos. Featuring a 7cm integrated video screen, animations and live-action videos fully immerse kids in the curriculum to provide a better understanding of the world through more than 5 hours of videos. They can also play three interactive games called Around the World, Quiz Show and Where in the World to explore the globe, challenge a friend and solve mysteries.

Key Features:

Interactive video globe:
Touch the 25cm spinning globe with the stylus to hear audio responses and watch live-action BBC video on the 7cm LCD screen.

Explore the world:
Tap on the globe with the stylus to explore and learn fun facts about countries, animals, geology and more through exciting videos.

A world of learning:
Explore countries and capitals, plus learn about cultures, animals, habitats and more.

Travel the globe:
Travel on a plane, train or other transportation in the Around the World game while answering questions along the way to circle the globe as quickly as possible.

Test your knowledge:
Play the Quiz Show game with a friend and find different countries, landmarks, animals and places around the world.

Solve mysteries:
Solve mysteries with the Where in the World game by answering questions and following the clues to discover secret items and locations.

Continue the learning fun:
Download additional expansion packs from our App Centre covering worldly topics such as dinosaurs, global inventions and pioneers (each sold separately).

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