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Scruff A Luvs Cutie Cuts - Lil Snippers - Blindbox

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Cut their fur to reveal and rescue your mystery pet! New from Scruff-a-Luvs, introducing Cutie Cuts Lil' Snippers. Like a true Scruff, each Lil' Snipper starts off with a head full of hair and they need your help to give them a much needed haircut!

Open the cute handbag to reveal your mystery fluff ball waiting inside. Use the scissors to cut away all that excess fur and reveal your new pet pal! Then, use the cute heart shaped comb to style them! Pop your new FFF (Furry Friend Forever) back into the fashionable handbag carrier case and take them with you everywhere!

There are 16 characters to collect, and each Lil' Snipper has it's own fun and colorful hair-do! Will you find a puppy, a llama, or a kitten - what color fur do they have? Is it ombre, or glittery? What color are their eyes? There are even the ultra-rare hedgehog and llama to collect with multi-colored hair and eyes! They all come in different poses too - will they be sitting, standing or lying down on all fours?

What’s Inside:

1 x Mystery Puppy Plush
2 x Grooming Accessories
1 x Collector's Guide