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Spidey and Friends 2 in 1 Spidey Strike Feature Vehicle

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Spidey to the rescue! Recreate iconic scenes from the new hit TV series and replay all of the amazing storylines with this 6-inch Web Strike 2 n 1 vehicle! This free-wheeling vehicle has two modes of play, Web Strike Vehicle and Web Strike Cycle. Watch the Spidey Cycle fly out of the car by pressing down on the spoiler for even more action and adventure. Reload Spidey into the Web vehicle after his launch and play again! Spidey’s Web Strike 2 n 1 vehicle is a must-have toy for all Spidey fans!
• LET’S GO Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends Web Strike 2 n 1 is ready for an action-packed day!
• LAUNCH SPIDEY Push Web Strike Vehicle's spoiler wing to surprise launch Spidey on his Web Strike Cycle!
• FIGURE CHANGES The front end of the Web Strike Vehicle splits open to release Spidey Cycle!
• BUILT-IN HERO The featured vehicle has Spidey behind the wheel, ready to save the day!
• COLLECT THEM ALL There are many more of Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends toys to collect!