All these adorable characters have their own personalities and stories. Let's get to know them...

Noah is a hair styling vlogger with a Youtube channel all about her eleven friends with big hair. The vlog flaunts all their funky hair colours and styles.

Noah's best friend is Harmony. Harmony is a diverse and very talented singer and musician. She loves all things musical including songwriting. Her favourite colour is dark blue so remember this when you do her hair!

Bella is a dancer whose favourite colour is pink. She likes ballet the most and LOVES performing on stage.

Dee Dee is positively sweet! We say this because she is super positive and loves to bake cakes and she even invented a specialty creation called Lala-pop. Her favourite colour is pericarp pink.

Willow has a passion for fashion and she channels her passion towards helping others, like her friends, express themselves. Willow is big on sharing images and she likes to remind everyone that "style is a state of mind". Her favourite colour is mint green.

Skylar hails from Hawaii originally and has taken a shine to travel blogging. It goes without saying then that she's into adventure and discovering new places.

Neila's hobbies include star gazing and all things galactic! It is no wonder then that her favourite colour is blue. She has her very own telescope and her one wish is to one day visit Mars. (Talk about reaching for the stars!) 

Kali is the techie and her videos are usually about the latest cool gadgets. She is super smart and her passions are coding, science and technology. Purple is her colour of choice and she loves to remind everyone that "there is an application for this".

Kat and her puppy Jilly are inseparable. She has a special place in her heart for animals and when she can, Kat takes care of her neigbour's pets and volunteers at the animal shelter. Her favourite of all the colours in yellow.

Salle is the creative one among the friends. She loves to draw and paint, sketch and sculpt. It is therefore no surprise that a blank canvas (white) is her favourite "colour".

Rayne is the sunshine girl who prefers being outdoors. One of her best-loved activities is roller blading along the beach and just generally soaking up the sun. She appreciates all the colours of the rainbow as can be expected from a nature-lover such as Rayne.

Brit is a team player! She plays just about every sport under the sun and delights in every minute she spends with her team mates. Brit hates bullying and loves pink. 







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