Secret Life of Pets

Max is Katie’s only puppy and pet (not anymore) and looks a bit like a Jack Russel. He is extremely protective of Katie which makes him appear to be quite jealous but he is really quite sweet. Hi favourite things are his ball, his friend Gidget, sausages and obviously, Katie.

Duke is a rescue which resembles no known species of dog. He is big and bossy and drives Max nuts, or least he did. Generally clumsy, sloppy, inconsiderate but supportive. Duke also really likes his new owner Katie and he shares Max’s love for sausages.  On his list of least favourite things you will find cars and cats!

Gidget is a female Pomeranian which strongly resembles a puff ball and is often even called such. However, looks are deceiving as Gidget is tough and determined and easily beats up members of the Flushed Pets gang! Her likes include Max and television. She has a few enemies though, namely the FP gang and Ozone.

Chloe is a rather clumsy and very obese tabby cat with a reputation for being extremely lazy. What she loves most is herself and of course, food! Having said this though, Chloe is a loyal friend when needed so she should not be judged entirely on her appearance. 

Snowball is an abandoned pet rabbit, original bad guy and leader of the Flushed Pets gang.Do not be fooled by the white, cute and cuddly appearance of this ex-pet. He is insanely cute but also insane as a result of the trauma of being abandoned. Snowball is your typical "bully" but even the toughest bullies are mushy inside!

Sweetpea is a parrot who likes hanging out with the pets, even the one who tried to eat him one, Chloe! As with any bird, his passion is for flying.

Mel is a Pug with squirrel issues and a severe dislike for long stairs as you can imagine! He loves his owner and peanut butter. 


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